With the ever growing sneaker community the need/ want to stand out and have an exclusive pair of kicks is more relevant than ever. In light of such a need there has been an emergence of sneaker customizers (people who paint your shoes with a dope design). Now customizing shoes has been around for quite sometime but few have perfected the craft, with the availability of sneaker and leather paints as well as online tutorials it seems that many people have picked up customizing as a hobby painting their own sneakers or even taken to coloring the kicks of their fellow sneakerheads. 

Art tutorials have always been something fun to do, many people have taken to the growing Panting with a Twist fad with friends or even on dates. Well now Detroit Sneakerheads have their own twist on the custom sneaker game thanks to Kamekos Kicks. 

Kameko has been painting and customizing sneakers for years and has even been featured on major sneaker blogs for a 1 of 1 pair she did for Detroit Piston Andre Drummond. 

Images via SoleCollector / Kenlu

Kameko is definitely a pro at this custom game, and now she is ready to spread the knowledge and show you just how its done.On Saturday November 5th Kamekos Kicks and VILLA have teamed up to bring you PAINTING WITH A KICK! Read the event details below.


"  It will be a customization class where you'll be provided the proper materials to create your own art, with a pair or kicks as the canvas. The kicks suggested for this class are all white AF1's hightop and will be provided for participants at a 40% discounted price. (You can bring your own shoes) It is $30 (online seat reserve) per seat in this class, $45 at the door. Seats include : all proper painting materials to create your masterpiece, food, beverages and dessert. There will be an artshow, live paintings, new releases from clothing brands, music and fun. Show starts at 3:05pm, class starts at 4:20pm."


If you are a true sneaker head you dont want to miss this keep up with Kamekos Kicks and her latest projects by following her on the links below!

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