AUX-Cord Approved: Jay Adams' "Survive Detroit"


Happiness is 100% internal. Can’t nobody else make you happy.” -Jay Adams

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     It’s thoughtful bars like this decorated throughout every track that make Jay Adams’ album Survive a must have on every media device you own. Trailblazing off the release of his highly-anticipated project, Adams recently puts on a listening party at Detroit Is The New Black(est. 2016); a new clothing store located in the heart of downtown that also hosts engaging events. With the scene prepared for success, and the crowd anxious and eager to hear the project, Jay set the tone for memorable experience.

Jay Adams delivering raw content.(Photo by Noe Angelito)


     Adams formed the crowd in a semi-circle type arrangement as he poured out gritty and honest details about how the project came to fruition. Through this introduction to the project and the crowd, he then revealed the album’s title track “SURVIVE” featuring JONAH, a track with an engaging beginning to the story of the album. 

Adams' captured spittin' that knowledge. (Photo by Noe Angelito)

Adams' captured spittin' that knowledge. (Photo by Noe Angelito)

     The rest of the EP is held together with different elements of street and real-rap songs such as “Get Down,” a bass-heavy braggadocious banger detailing how he came up and some of the things he had to deal with. Sprinkled with bars like “I said a prayer to my Lord for a Choppa’/ My brother would work the pot, I watch it rock up” and “Don’t tell me nothin’ if you don’t want beef with me/ Just bring the cheese to me, y’all cannot speak to me, ready to die for what we believe” , give this anthem a stamp of approval it definitely earned. 


     Continuing through the album you run across tracks like “I’m Happy” that truly capture Adams’ lyrical ability with high-speed metaphorical bars that provide vivid imagery of him dipping his pen in blood and casting spells OR Jay tying himself to the back of Jay-Z’s Yacht and slitting his wrists. This is the type of boundless creativity also found on cuts like “How Many More Must Die” where Jay attempts to illustrate the honest truth on the past 6 months of his life where he touches on thoughts of suicide, his girl leaving when he broke down, and having to live with the way that it is. Scrolling through the track list of songs on this album, you’re guaranteed to find something on every track you can either relate to or respect him for going through.


     Flat out, it might be too early to call this EP a classic but it definitely deserves the recognition as one of the best pieces to come out of Detroit this year. My only complaint is that with a 4th quarter release, I only wish it would have came out sooner, “The City” needs this type of music. With Detroit on the brink of a major come back, Adams’ tapped into the heart of the city and bled every word from his pen as he composed this well-rounded project. The Stay Laced family definitely stand behind the movement “Big Jay” is putting on and we expect nothing but great things to come as 2017 ushers in a new year full of brand new opportunities.


    If you haven’t heard Survive Detroit yet, gon’ head and cop the whole album. Link provided BELOW!


"Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced."

-J Bow