With the next Stay Laced Showcase right around the corner we wanted to catch up with the homie A- Minus! Peep the article below where we discuss the inspiration behind his latest project " The Dog Ate My Homework", and catch his performance Jan 30th at our next open mic show!



 Listen to " The dog ate my homework" by A- Minus

SL - Whats up brother it's good to finally be working with you man! So to start off one thing that immediately stands out is your name and project titles. A- Minus , Pop Quiz, The dog ate my homework, where did the inspiration stem from to have school related names? 

A- My music is about dropping knowledge. That's what separates me from most rappers. A lot of rappers can tell you what they got ... but not how to get it.

SL - So the first joint I heard of yours was “1000 laces” that joint was crazy and the video was dope. Shortly afterward I caught wind of your “Lady in infrared” joint, it’s safe to assume you’re a sneakerhead and an OG in the shoe game. Tell us a little about your love for sneakers and what’s your favorite shoe?

A- My love for sneakers started at the age of 17. At my High School graduation I walked across the stage in pair of limited LBJ Air Force 1s. They were a gift from my mom. I couldn't wait to wear them with my cap &  gown. They matched my school colors. Burgundy, white and gold. 

SL - Tell us about your latest mix-tape, The Dog Ate My Homework, the music is hot the features are dope what was your process behind putting this project together? 

A- I just wanted to make a great body of work. Mixed with soul, hip-hop & poetry. I want to give listeners quality hiphop music. Nothing rushed

SL - When I listen to your music the best word I can think of to describe it is "smooth", how would you describe your music and the feel it conveys?

A - I'll consider it smooth. I like to call it rider music. Something you can put on and cruise to. Whether you're with your lady or your riding home alone.

SL- I feel right now we are in a time where a lot of music sounds the same, particularly rap music. How important is it to you to stay original?

A- VERY IMPORTANT.  I feel your music should be a reflection of you. That's how you create your fan base.  You want people to love you for you

SL- Any new projects we need to be on the lookout for?

A- Projetcs this year, 1 in the spring and another later this year.

SL- How can the people stay in touch with your music and the moves A- is making?

A- At my A-Minus Facebook fanpage, twitter & IG A_Minus313

SL- Last question, I peeped you were at the Lafayette Coney in the Lady in infrared video whats your favorite Coney Island in the D?

A- Nicky D's on 8mile & Mound. Their fried/grilled Chicken Pita is unfuckwitable lol.

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