FUZZ A PRINCE IN EFFECT! A Stay Laced interview with Fuzz

SL - Whats up Fuzz, before we get into the music tell the people who don't know a little about yourself, how'd you get your name and where you're from. 

FUZZ - What's hannin mane, Thanks for having me; I was born and raised on the Westside of Detroit (MI) in the 48204 Zip Code. I graduated From Cass Tech Highschool in 2011 and now I currently live in Kalamazoo MI, where I attend school at Western Michigan University. 


As far as how I got my name, it's kind of a long and detailed story on how I exactly got my name but for the sake of time and the interview, I'll tell you the shortest version I can; My original rap name was "27" (It was the Detroit Bus number that I caught to all my schools (k-12)

But before I was really into making music, I played basketball. The Head coach at Cass when I was on varsity (Coach Dixon) used to ask me how I felt before practice and games, and I would often say I'm "Fuzzy Coach", and that was just my way of saying I was comfortable (hence "Fuzzy"), after awhile Coach started calling me Fuzzy or "Fuzzy Wuzzy" (I ain't really like that one too much lol), after that one of my homies Kris Davis started calling me Fuzz, "Fuzz Light-Year" and it kinda just stuck and went on from there, after it became solidified as my nickname more people was calling me that than what my actual rap name was at the, and my Brothers/Team was like you might as well just make that your rap name too. 


So in short, "Fuzz" is short for My nickname "Fuzzy" and the term Fuzzy is a metaphor/ideology almost for being Comfortable with the self, being aware and in tune with the Self. And that's something that I take pride in having, because it's something I didn't always have (self confidence, value, worth, ect) and it's something I think translates in my music. 


And out of that Idea we named our Brotherhood "FuzzGang" a group of individuals that promotes but more importantly lives out constantly improving the self so that those around us may can be improved. We are firm believers that Iron sharpens Iron"


SL - Yo Fuzz listening to your music is like sitting front row at a spoken word performance, would you call yourself more of a poet than a rapper?  

FUZZ - You know man.....there was a time where I would have identified with being a poet more than a rapper but I don't think either of those properly describe what I am or what I can do. Because when I initially started rapping, I was just doing Battle Rap and Freestyles, Then I transitioned into story telling, after that I started acting and doing monologues, and then poetry. 


So I guess the closest thing to describe what I am is an "Artist" and I don't mean that in the cliche way, I mean in it in every essence of the word and as I release more music I think that will be more apparent.


SL - Where do you pull inspiration from for your music and poems. 


FUZZ - I'm inspired by a lot of things mane, I'm a student of History, and because of that I can rap in the form of stories on my tracks but at the same time I major in Political Science and Religion in College so I have a certain spiritual, moral, and/or conscious about my music at times as well. On the flip side to that I'm a 22 year old young male in college so I get inspiration from what I'm living personally, as well as what I observe, So I can pull from what comes with that as well. I'm just inspired by living I guess.

SL - How long have you been doing your thing on the music tip?

FUZZ - I wrote my first poem in elementary school after I read Maya Angelou's "Still I Rise" besides that

I started doing Freestyles and Battle Raps in 2009-2010, I started recording music and doing tapes 2010. But I didn't really get into the art of music until about 2014. It wasn't until this past year tho that I got my own studio so while I feel like I been rapping for awhile, I'm relatively still very young in the Art.

SL - The first time I heard you spit was up at WMU, during a step show I believe how has that college crowd played a role in spreading your music and growing your fan base?

FUZZ - I would say besides the advancement of the social medias, College has played the most instrumental role in the building and spreading of my fan base. Going from college to college to perform or knowing people it all pays out in my favor and I'm extremely thankful for it cause it's continuously growing and at this point that's all I could really ask for.

SL - Your latest project “Someday your prince will be in effect” is out now and I must say the music sounds very real and very personal, what would you say is the message of your music and what feelings you intend to invoke with your tracks.

FUZZ - There are a few different messages in Someday, your prince will be in effect, 

But I'm more interested in how people interpret the music and what they think the message is, cause all art is for interpretation, most things only mean what you make them mean. 

But I will say that With my music in general I always hope to invoke the consciousness of the person listening and to really get em them thinking, and reflecting, not always about something "deep" necessarily, I just want you feel something while your listening; as a fan of music, all my favorite artist make me feel like I'm there through the song, and I'm always able to relate in my own particular way and that's what I hope to do with my listeners.  Painting Vivid pictures and showing them visually with my words, ya dig what I'm saying?


SL - Any upcoming projects we should be on the lookout for?

FUZZ - I'm working on my first full length Album Now, and I don't wanna give a way too much about that too soon, cause it's a bit far off right now because of the idea for the project we need at least 6 months of preparation before I even start recording more records for it.

But in the meantime I got a few singles that will be released between now and when I go to SXSW this March, I got some dope collaborations done and more in the works, we got some visuals coming out as well, and some acting projects as well.

Besides that My Latest LP: Detroit R.E.D is only 5 months in going strong on LiveMixtapes right now, and that's relatively new so people can check that out and share it.

And you can stay checking into My Soundcloud.com/TheFuzzGang for surprise releases and so on.

Dont forget to catch Fuzz performing live this Saturday January 30th at the Stay Laced open mic art show! Keep up with my mans on his soundcloud and catch him on IG @1FUZZYSLIPPERSPeep his latest single here !

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