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We finally got a chance to kick it with my mans VER$A! We've been wanting to dig into the mind behind "Retro 11s", the latest project from the man himself. Peep the article below where we talk dope music inspiration and kicks with the artist know as VER$A! 


SL - Whats up VER$A, I peeped the Retro 11s project you dropped and the whole joint is fire but before we dig into that why don't you tell the people a little bit about yourself and how'd you get the name VER$A?

VER$A - I appreciate that man! Well I started rapping in high school, and I was going by the name Versatile. I wanted to changed my name, so I said I would just shorten it and call my myself "VER$A." Versa is short for versatile and vice versa. 

SL - So first off the mixtape is dubbed Retro 11s, its 11 tracks and I'm assuming that's no coincidence, what was the inspiration behind that? 

VER$A - Yeah the mixtape title is a metaphor, it's actually an double entendre. The first meaning is the fact that it's 11 tracks, but it's 11 beats from the 90's that I dubbed retro. The second meaning is the Jordan Retro 11, and I represent the Retro 11. I've been rapping for a while, and people have always been looking forward to me dropping, just like people do with the retro 11's. 

SL - Would it be safe to assume you're a sneaker head? If so whats your favorite Jordan Retro 11s?

VER$A - Man, if this was 5 years ago I would call myself a sneakerhead, but that term has become extremely corny to me. It's like being called a "Gamer" in my eyes. I just like what I like lol. My favorite pair of eleven's, man I'm mad that I don't have them, but it would have to be the Spacejam's. 

SL - On the mixtape you spit over some very classic beats from Ready or not by the Fugees, to Sky is the limit the old Biggie Joint, even the Camp Lo Luchini record. Who are some artist (new or old school) who you would say influence your work?

VER$A - That's the thing, all the beats I chose for the tape, I actually really love those songs. As far as influences are concerned, I draw stuff from Jay, 3 Stacks, Nas & Pac. I won't say that I'm influenced by any of the new school artist, but I mess with Cole, Krit, and Kendrick. I feel like we're all cut from the same cloth.

SL - Were you apprehensive at all spitting over these classic tracks, people get kind of touchy and particular when you touch those classic joints.

VER$A - Not at all! My thing was to take those beats and make them my own, and I feel like I accomplished that.

SL - How would you describe your particular sound?

VER$A - To be honest, I'm still trying to lock down a sound sonically. As far as me, flow wise, content wise, I'm an hybrid of the 90's and the now. I really just want to make big records. I want people to hear my music and instantly be taken somewhere.

SL - How long have you been making music? 

VER$A - I've been making music seriously since 2010. Retro 11's was the first project I ever put out though. Had a few bumps in the road.

SL - At what point did you begin taking making music serious and say it's time to invest some real effort into your talent? 

VER$A - I've had my ups and downs with music, and I've been taking it serious for a minute, but last year is when I told myself "fuck everything, it's time to really get out here and be heard." I pushed the reset button, starting from the foundation, and I'm ready to build a skyscraper out of my career. 

SL - You have a clothing brand as well right, "No Bottoms"? Tell us about the brand and the inspiration behind some of your favorite pieces you've done.

VER$A - Yeah, No Bottoms is the brand. The brand was already established when I came aboard. My business partners Will and Marcel were doing their thing. I just came along to help really give the brand a vision. No Bottoms, it's like you're so fly it's no coming down. Our slogan is "Be Great, Never Fall." My favorite piece is our Heartbreaker "FCK Love" I believe it's a timeless piece.

SL - Working on any projects we should be on the lookout for?

VER$A - Definitely, my next project will be titled "The Journey of The Misunderstood." I'm just starting it, so I can't really describe it right now. I might drop a part 2 to Retro 11's as well.

SL - How can the people get their hands on your music and keep up with VER$A?

VER$A - Retro 11's is available on Live Mixtape, Datpiff, & My Mixtapes. My Soundcloud is www.soundcloud.com/versadet People can also follow me on Instagram & Twitter @Versadet. I appreciate you guys at Stay Laced, and if I do part 2 to Retro 11's, you guys have to be involved. 

Download Retro 11s by VER$A now at LiveMixtapes and be sure to catch his performance Saturday Jan 30th at the Baltimore Gallery! 

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