Bobs Classic Kicks is and has been one of Detroit's premier sneaker boutiques for over a decade. But how did they get their start, how have they lasted in this ever changing shoe game for so long and where are they headed in the future? 

We were able to catch up with "Jay" the proprietor of the establishment since its inception and pick his brain on the industry, the history of BCK, and pick up some life tips along the way. Check out the brief interview below!





SL - Where are you from? What was it like growing up there and how did it influence you? 

J - Two placed that have influence, I'm from 7 mile.. west 7 Mile I'm really from the D! I grew up on the North End and my cousin Ron Hopkins helped me understand what fresh was. He got me around 5 maybe 7 he showed me how to get THE RIGHT sneaker. Going to the mall with him he would be like, " I'll get you whatever you want, just pick the right one!" He was a point guard at Cooley High he was the man ... 

(Star Wars Pistons Mural by @THIERDE)

(Star Wars Pistons Mural by @THIERDE)

SL - When did you fall in love with sneakers , and whats your all time favorite sneaker? 

J - Thats hard! It used to be a Jordan 5 ... and it still is. But im addicted to my Air Pressures, and Im addicted to them so much I have to force myself not to put them on because you aint really suppose to be wearing them joints! The Air Pressure was so important to me because my mother, would buy me any sneaker I wanted. That was the thing while she would go shopping I would go to Footlocker, Imperial sports, Dunhams, when Dunhams was selling sneakers. And I would venture off into the mall with my Gameboy , we were at Tel 12 mall when it was still a mall! It was only one pair of sneakers she could not buy me because of the price, and that was them Air Pressures, she was like I cant put you in THAT shoe, your too young to be in that shoe!  So thats what started me man between the Jordan 5 OG colorway and the Nike Air pressure.

SL - Which Jordan 5? 

J - THE GRAPE! The grape 5th grade I remember when I had it on, Loving Elementary School on the North End i remember when i had it on i remember coming to school in it!

SL - When did you open BCK ? How did you come up with the name, theme and get your start?


SL - There are often events and showcases that take place using BCK as the venue. How did this come about when did you decide it was a dope idea to open your store up to hip hop performances? 

J - First off I used to rock the mic! As I became an entrepreneur it stopped, but I'm very critical of MCs. Sheef (Sheefy McFly) was my first intern and we got to kickin it and he was like "can I throw a part here? Come on I'll split it with you" and that was the first Air Up There. He asked me to do it again and the second time over 100 people came, started doing them every month at one point the police came because it was so many people, then it started getting national sponsors ... Camel Cigarettes, Crunk Juice, Red Bull , and Muscle Milk. We started selling out of inventory and getting money on the books!

SL - What are your plans for the future of the store? Where do you see BCK headed? 

J - I get a lot of offers to expand to do a lot of stuff. Individuals dont respect the cost of doing business, my plan ... I'm not gon tell yall my plans I want to keep it a secret ... dope shit and doper shit!

SL - What advice would you give an young entrepreneur? 

J - Dont listen to nobodies advice, its an elephant to an ant .. he dont hear ya. If thats what you want go for it! I always want you to be king, long as the printing it we gettin it!


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