Artist duo (and twin brothers) How & Nosm from New York have invaded the Library Street Gallery here in downtown Detroit! Their work is an amazing blend of colors , shapes and figures that capture and direct your eye into the mesmerizing canvas that resembles an outer space like theme. You can see their work in the 1 st floor of the Z Structure and the amazing 184 x 60 mural on the back side of the Compuware Building. 

( Images by Josh Reich for StreetArtNews)

You can view their latest gallery exhibit at the Library St Collective from April 23 - June 12! You can also keep up with the dope brothers via their Instagram @HOWNOSM or online at

'BALANCING ACT': Balancing Act takes the idea of a traditional family tree and expands it to a societal scale. Each layered figure supports, holds and embraces the next, forming a totem-pole that culminates into a telephone, symbolizing the cruciality of communication. Half of the world rests on the founding patriarchal leg and the other half is contained inside the matriarch's head. The two come together to create the basis of the composition while hands hold a flower and a fish, connecting each element to the whole and resulting in the idyllic familial or societal paradigm. 

However the seemingly harmonious structure is precariously balanced on one foot, dangerously close to collapse, implying the fragile and delicate nature of a family, community, or society. We are each pulled in different directions and balancing work, personal life, family and friends and health is increasingly difficult. This mural stands as a reminder to strive for that balance. - How & Nosm, 2016

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