Welcome back to the Laced Blog, Ladies and Gents. I formally welcome you to all of my Hot Five Hits, where every week, I’ll be counting down my top 5 songs of the week. Some you may know, most of which you won’t but you’ll for sure appreciate every track and as we count them down from five to one. Let’s get to it! 

5.) “In Due Time” by Dexter Brandon

            In essence, this song is a beautiful remix of “Touch The Sky” by Kanye West featuring Lupe Fiasco, back when theLouis Vuitton Don just began to bubble. When you analyze the song for what it isn’t, the constant melodic saxophone loop and heavy bass hits sprinkled in over an acapella version of the 2006 classic, make this one an easy track to bob your head to. As far as the rest of the collection of the Dexter Brandon, the Atlanta native has plenty of feel good jams to vibe to.



4.) “Juice” by AD

            “TELL ‘EM I GOT THE JUICE!” is what you’ll have stuck in your head after listen to this song in its entirety. Compton artist AD comes through with an amazingly energetic effort reminiscent of the Bay Area Hyphy Movement. The heavy summer feel and addictive beat typical of production team League of Starz definitely laces this banger with what it needs to become a hit for many summers to come. This song even gained enough buzz for a certified Westcoast remix with artist like The Game, Ty Dolla Sign & Iamsu! I highly suggest you adding this to your playlist! Whether it’s the gym, party with friends, or even at work, you’ll find an excuse to listen and show others this joint.


3.) “Role Model” by Cam Sheely

            I think it’s safe to say that Atlanta has the Trap Rap game on lock. The Young’n Cam Sheely comes through with undeniable heat on this song. Production duo Wondagurl & Eestbound (the team behind the Travis $cott hit-single “Antidote”) tailor this track to fit the clever wordsmith Sheely’s style. With lines like “Was eatin’ Top Ramen before I was Buzzin’ now this is my Lightyear” and “John Legend with rhymin’ got all of these fuckin’ ‘Green Lights’…” Young Cam is sure to make you run it back on time. When superb production and lyrical genius meet, this is the product.


2.) “Biggie” –Ray Jr.

            Cleveland is doing something CRAZY different with the rap game. With artist like Machine Gun Kelly, Stalley, and Bonethugs ‘N Harmony (all repping part of Ohio), everybody has a unique yet dope sound. Ray Jr. is not different. In theory, this song is a dedication to the big boss lifestyle that Notorious B.I.G. used to live, but when you dig deeper, Ray delves into a typical day in his life; delivering 3 verses of likenesses to B.I.G’s lifestyle. As the summer kicks off, you want to make sure you have this one in your arsenal for the “Show and Prove” moment when you’re passed the AUX cord…


1.)“Feed The Streets” by Helper (verse by Bobby Raps)

What started as an April Fool’s Day joke sparked an internet meltdown in the days to follow. This is what happens when you decide to drop a tape about a staple in most childhood homes: Hamburger Helper. But don’t let the fluffy nature of its origin sway young from the impeccable sound created. Artist Bobby Raps delivers an incredible verse all about cooking a batch your family’s favorite Helper but when you listen closer… is he talking about cooking crack? The similarities are insane along with the production (composed by DEQUEXATRON X000, Bobby Raps & DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip) to make an all-around BANGER, which deserves this week’s number one spot! The full project, Watch The Stove, and the lead single “Feed The Streets” is a fun play on rap and definitely deserving of at least one full play.


That’s it for this week! Catch me next Monday for another edition of #HFH where I promise to always lace y’all with the hottest bangers.


“Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.”

-J Bow