Who is Syeed Ali?? "FiVE" Mixtape Review!

“Keep that jazz goin’ like The Fresh Prince, Baby!” – Syeed Ali

Detroit-based emcee Syeed Ali blesses us this week with his most recent project titled FiVE. The listening party this past Thursday (on Cinco de Mayo) delivered the same type of vibes you can expect to hear on the mixtape. You walk in the door of the ALWAYS impressive Baltimore Gallery to hear key selections from today’s hottest artists blended with a few Syeed exclusives that make you say “Who is that by?” Walking through the three-room gallery, you arrive in the final room to find an MTV Unplugged type of vibe. Blue fluorescent lights shower the room with an atmosphere of cool as we awaited Ali to take the single chair on stage and tell his story.

  The five-track masterpiece is the epitome of short and sweet. It’s literally FIVE tracks! Make no mistake, where this mixtape lacks in length it makes up for with superb production and clever punchlines like “Doing push-ups with my friends in case them niggas try to flex on me,” and “ Smokin’ weed ‘cause it keep me bein’ blunt more.” Ali is definitely in a lane of his own; bringing a sound to the city that is both influential and missed. Track two titled… well… “TWO” immediately grabs your attention; highlighting a sample of one of the most notable scenes from the movie Paid In Full. He rides every beat and verbally assassinates every track from “One to “Five.” Ali and producer 5ynoT are a magnificent duo on this five-track effort, with production vibes reminiscent of greats like J Dilla and 9th Wonder… And NO… I’m not even gassin’ you all up.

I could keep going on and on about the greatness of this tape but what would there be left for you to observe? Check out the newest vibes from Syeed Ali. Shoutout to Stereo Academy. Follow homie at the links BELOW. I promise he won’t disappoint.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/feelmenowlisten/

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/syeed-ali


"Stay True, Stay Fresh, Stay LACED."