Art Beat is a collaborative event that brings two cities together, Chicago and Detroit, to display their art and musical talents. During this event there will be various artists from both cities as well as musicians from the two cities. There will be live painting, art displayed, open mic, food, drinks and a time to network with Detroit and Chicago socialites. Vendors will also have a chance to display their creative talents and sell merchandise.

Art Beat Detroit plans on bringing the same dope vibed out atmosphere expected of Stay Laced showcases but even better this time around with the collaboration of Loose Cannon Flagship , and Paradigm Creatve Group out of Chicago. Spinning off the open mic night theme we  usually do, Art Beat Detroit is more of a summer concert, taking place during the day from 12-8 we want to gather the art and hip hop community here in Detroit for a day of fun , creativity and entertainment. Paradigm currently host Art Beats out in the windy city , these shows consist of live themed painting with musical performances thrown in the mix. Loose Cannon and Stay Laced are bringing the Paradigm team on board and mixing in some dope Detroit artist as well to display pop, and fine art, as well as art centered around our theme of Pistons VS Bulls. 

The live paintings will start mid-day , and there will be featured performances from musicians representing both Detroit and Chicago! 

Check out the videos below and meet our partners for ART BEAT DETROIT taking place Saturday July 23rd from 12-8!


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