Hot 5 Hits Vol. 2

Hot 5 Hits Vol. 2

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Welcome back to this week’s installment of Hot 5 Hits! This week has some subtle, sultry joints in store, but all hold value nonetheless. Let’s dive right in to it! Check out this week’s Hot 5!



“Ownership” by Julian Thomas

Coming in crooning over heavy bass and copious amounts of auto-tune, we’ve got Julian Thomas taking the #5 spot this week on my Hot 5. Like most Soundcloud gems, I found this in the “related tracks to” section and thankfully let the song play to its one-minute and 39-second entirety. Thomas uses his timely wisely though, quickly detailing a story of an ex-love who apparently has come back into the picture for a casual sexual rendezvous. Thomas paints the picture; bellowing descriptive bars like “You walk the way that you had me, Baby // I won’t forget that shit, I will admit that shit I need it badly, Baby,” as well as thoughtful resonating lines like “I don’t got time for a bitch but I got time for bitches” Now just let that one sink in for a minute. Makes sense, right? Maybe I’m just a terrible person. At any rate, Big Homie somehow maximized his replay value in a short amount of time, solidifying his place in this week’s countdown. 

“Airport Bar” by Noah

Continuing on the melodic train, we’ve got the super soulful Noah making an appearance this week with his Willy Wonka-inspired hit. “Come with me… and you’ll be... In a world of pure imagination” is how the classic goes… Change the last word to “Inebriation” and you’ve now opened the door to this smash single. The Los Angeles native opens up describing what sounds like one of many Jack Daniel’s he’s indulged in as he plots on a woman from across the bar. As the story develops, we discover more alcohol, obsessive glances across the bar and even an overly-annalistic bartender who attempt to take the artist’s keys. Nonetheless, Noah holds true to his lyrics, stating it’s shaping up to be a lonely night as he downs back to back Tennessee whiskey drinks whilst awaiting to board his flight. If anyone is looking to find this guy, look no further than the “airport Bar.” Feel free to dive into the feels of this addictive joint, grab yourself a drink and slip into a “world of pure imagination…”

“Tore Up (Guffstar Edit)” by Kehlani

Welcome to 2016, where a remix to a song (or an “edit” in this case) can resonate more with your soul than the original version. That is exactly the case with rising-star Kehlani’s joint ‘Tore Up.” If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with (and still catchy) version of this song, the Oakland, CA songstress tells a story of lingering love and irreplaceable feelings of missing that special someone who is now out of reach. Coping with heartbreak isn’t easy for NAYONE, as you find yourself relating to such lines as “I’m low-key too high to remind you // that I was your eyes from behind you; I got you,” and the obvious battle we’ve all faced: ‘I ain’t supposed to tell you I still love.” Escaping through pills, liquor and weed, the “You Should be here” artist goes through a slew of emotions (and substances) as she tries to make it through another day of heartache. Male or female, this song will hit home, landing it in the number #3 spot this week. MADD respect to DJ/Producer Guffstar of Minneapolis, Minnesota for the added bass lines and up-tempo beat which makes this easy to bob your head to.

“Kiss It Better (Cover)” by Louis Gold

Another trend amongst rising stars are cover songs; artists remaking today’s top singles and throwing their own twist on it to make it their own. Louis Gold is no different. Having already amassed an impressive 104K views plays on Soundcloud and countless other views on multiple sites, Gold links up with California producer Fortune to tackle Rihanna’s “Kiss it Better.” Louis’ smooth and sultry voice (and production) as well as an added touch from Fortune add a special twist on an already insanely popular song. Yeah it may be just a cover song, it’s a DAMN good one. Not much more to say here, people. Peep this song and many more exciting offerings from Louis Gold on the link below.

“Leave Me (Fortune Remix) by Jake & Papa

Remixes and samples to be the theme for this week’s installment of Hot 5. Stealing the #1 spot, we’ve got Jake & Pape tackling a classic beat when they sample Blackstreet’s “Don’t Leave.” With accompanying vocals and verses from supporting artists DUBB & Karina, this whole collaborative effort is FIRE. When you add in the piano tune of the original “Don’t Leave” track, Karina’s vocals and the artistic ear of producer Fortune, you’ve got your certified summer banger. Feel free to let the system thump as this addictive bass and claps decorate this joint perfectly. Jake & Papa got one here. I send you off into the summer with my #1 song on my Hot 5, and your soon to be most played song of the season Enjoy!


Until next week, Folks!


“Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.”


-J Bow