BLACK IDENTITY : Redefining the Black Body


To those familiar with Stay Laced you know of our pride in preserving this dope culture of ours , many of you have attended at least one of our many hip hop showcases or art exhibitions over the past couple of years, to those people what we have coming next should be no surprise.

In the mist of the ongoing shootings of unarmed black men and women in our community particularly the shooting of Alton Sterling the black communities were hurting and in a massive uproar here in Detroit remember Black Friday Detroit by Operation PEACE? 

#BLACKFRIDAY By Christian Davis of Sweet Obsession Films / Uploaded by Sweet Obsession Films on 2016-07-09.

The night the news broke regarding the Alton Sterling shooting I literally couldn't sleep or think of anything else, I wanted to do something, and though I have a small platform I do have a platform and with out hesitation my fingers took over. I immediately contacted gallery and venue owners I wanted to have a call to action, a community event where people could come vent frustrations, speak to solutions, share stories, educate one another on the law and our rights. I believe there are many people who want to take action or make a difference but just dont know how or what they can do, Wake Up would help guide them. I was lucky enough that Phil Simpson of The Smile Brand and Baltimore gallery donated his space to me for the night. I told Phil my plan and he simply replied "lets do it", by 1 am that morning I set a date made a flyer and started looking for speakers. WAKE UP DETROIT was in motion just that fast.

During WAKE UP I was approached by Laura Gibson curator and Event Coordinator at The Carr Center located downtown Detroit. We spoke we , we chopped it up, did a bunch of gangsta shit and it turned out they have attended a few of our showcases and were interested in doing an art exhibition with us on a topic similar to Wake Up. A couple weeks later we began planning BLACKiD ...


Black Identity: Redefining the Black Body

"This month long contemporary art exhibition, taking place from January 27th to March 3rd is a collaborative effort between The Carr Center and Stay Laced to bring  a fresh perspective on the current topics of racial tension in America. Black Identity: Redefining the Black Body will feature the work of over a dozen local Detroit artists all centered on the stereo typically viewed black body, focusing on visual language, and the current negatively impressed image of blacks in American culture. This exhibition will showcase how this current misunderstanding can be shifted to truthfully relay a new message of the black body."

Member Laura from earlier , yea she so eloquently wrote that. BLACKiD is a creative way for artist to express what being black means to them, what black unity and empowerment look like, and what black culture is in a refreshing way and I couldn't be more excited about it! 

We have been lucky in finding dope artist to participate in this exhibition but we are still looking for more! If you are , or if you know of any artist whom would like to be a part of BLACKiD please have them contact us!


Not familiar with The Carr? Its cool check them out they do a  bunch of dope events, art exhibitions, jazz concerts, poetry, even music programs for the rug rats. 

 Oh yea seeing as though Black Identity will span the entire Black History Month, we will have mini events everyweek in February at The Carr while the exhibition is up! Full calendar coming soon.




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