Under the Radar: Syd The Kid & Maajei Vu

It’s been a busy few weeks in music lately! Some major players and fan favorites have dropped some serious heat to relieve the winter chill. ATL’s Migos dropped last week with their MAJOR release, CULTURE, Oakland, CA songstress, Kehlani comes with her debut studio album, Sweet Sexy Savage, a bit earlier in January, and last but most certainly not least, Big Sean stole the stage with his highly anticipated I Decided debut this past Friday. Judging by the immense social media flooding with screenshots and fans raving thankfully for the album, it has been received very well.  


    While these albums by some of the game’s hottest artists have dropped and continue climb up the charts, they might have out-shined a few gems that flew under the radar recently: Specifically Syd The Kidd’s (or just Syd) Fin and Maajei Vu’s Solara Ultima EP



    If you haven’t heard Syd’s new album yet, you’re missing out on an amazing piece of work! This album serves as an amazing stand alone solo effort for the Los Angeles native. The Grammy-nominated artist begins the album with the melodic “Shake Em Off,” which is pretty much an ode to the haters and nay-sayers, telling them they can’t tell her anything about how to live her life, she’s grown and to stay out of her business. Amongst the many independent lines in this song, she solidifies her message with lines like “Don’t worry ‘bout how I’m livin’ it’s none of your business who i’m wit’ or where I stay (don’t trip)/ I tell them but they wouldn’t listen, now they prayin’ and wishin’ to be me for a day.” 

The heat doesn’t stop there, though! Continuing through the album, you run into tracks such as “Smile More” where Syd sings a lovely ballad about her constant effort about making her lover happy and suggesting to turn the lights down low for a sexual soiree (or as Syd suggests later in the song, leaving them on...) This album is far from one-dimensional if what you’re reading doesn’t entice you. Though the element of soulful singing and mellow beats laden this album, you find gems like “Over” featuring emerging Atlanta artist 6lack. Heavy bass and rhythmic snares accompany lyrics about questioning if it is safe to say a relationship is over. All-in-all the concoction of all these elements mixed into one 3 minutes and 11 second song make for an amazing selection you can’t help but bob your head to.


I’m not going to go over the track-by-track greatness of each song with you guys. I’ve got to leave something for you to want to check out on your own! There are very few project that come out now-a-days that you can truly play from cover to cover. THIS is one of those albums. I definitely encourage you to support the artist, because great music deserves its’ due credit. Gon’ head and cop Syd’s album today. You definitely won’t regret it.


    Now secondly, we reach Maajei Vu’s EP Solara Ultima. This Ep is the definition of short and sweet. Being just 4 tracks long with a total run time of 13 minutes, at the end of track 4, you’ll be yearning for more. I’ve been hip to the singer/producer/song-writer for some time now. With such talent, He’s been releasing a steady stream of music for quite some time now and with such a skill set, he’s got hands in many other artists careers, both established and up-and-coming, whether it be a feature or production credit. Vu begins the EP with a song titled “Infinity” where he uses his mastery of auto-tune to ride the waves of a transient-type beat; speaking on about how he’s been going through it, how other artists are sleeping on him, and he doesn’t mind because he’s got plenty of time. The following track titled “Melanin” might resonate highly with many people of color now-a-days just based sheerly on the amount of self-love and respect of culture the Afro-American community has embodied in the last decade. The (insert city here), singer begins the song heartfully singing “You’re beautiful... you’re so beautiful (no no no)/ Your melanin is poppin’ wit’ no make-up on (oh no no)” Just this line alone and how wonderfully this is harmonized over the piano chords will have you not wanting to see what is next. As for the rest of the EP (the remaining two song lol), you’re going to have to discover those on your own. Although it is a short listen, the production quality and melodies will carry you from track 1 to track 4 in no time at all. Support my mans Maajei Vu!

Joshua BowComment