For The Kulture: Kickin' It w/ Kulture Flow

And it’s a blessing to be involved // Be an inspiration to me like Jesus was to Paul…”  -KULTURE


      In a world where everyone aspires to be an [ART]ist, they neglect to remember that music is an ART; to be admired. Appreciated. Evolved. the year is 2017 and Kulture is doing something special with the music that others aren’t: He’s evolving. He’s changing the game with a refreshing sound unlike anything you’re used to hearing in Detroit. This guy is on his way. If you don’t believe me, the boy has hits to back it up. Ladies and Gentlemen… I introduce to you: Kulture.


Plottin' on greatness.

Plottin' on greatness.

J Bow: What’s up man? Tell the people who you are and where you're from.

Kulture: Yo, bro. I can’t complain a whole lot. What’s the word, Man? Well, I’m KULTURE, Coming from the Westside of Detroit. 

JB: Pleasure to finally get down to this interview with you, Bro. So kicking things off, how long have you been doing music? And what made you choose this as your passion?

Kulture: Okay, well, technically I started music at the age of 6. I was in the first grade when I was introduced to the first instrument I would play; the Djembe. I attended Nsoroma Institute, which was an African-centered school, where I picked up the Djembe—a traditional African Drum, and kind of found myself falling in love with music at that time. I chose this as my passion because I guess music was like the only thing I could confide in. You know? Like, music is one of the only things that you can get life advice from through the lyrics, and at the same time, have someone listen to your problems through the instruments. It’s very easy to get lost in the emotions of music and I’m a Cancer so I’m naturally just an emotional ass nigga *laughs* 

Passionately rockin' the mic.

Passionately rockin' the mic.

JB: You’re born and raised in Detroit, but your style sounds like nothing coming out of The City right now. Where do you draw influence from?

Kulture: Bro. I listen to so many different kinds of music, it’s ridiculous. Like, I could play 2 Chainz, Chance The Rapper, Florence and the Machine, Regina Spektor, Hiatus Kayote, and Robert Glasper all in the same playlist. And I blame that on my Dad. Growing up, he played everything from Black Eyed Peas to Prefab Sprout to Parliament to Jazzy Jeff. 


JB: Getting into the music: I see you released a tape called "DILLAgent" where you rap on ALL J Dilla beats. That's crazy, Man. What was your motivation behind the project? 

Kulture: Actually bro, I ain’t even release DILLAgent to the public. It’s more of a reserved body of work. And really, it all started with a blunt *chuckles to self.* My manager was like, “turn on some beats,” and at the time I was brushing up on Dilla’s extensive catalog. So, I turned on some of his records and began to write. After hours of writing, it had become clear to me that “this shit is actually pretty good.” So I ended up crafting this tape in his honor because, ironically, 2016 was the 10-year anniversary of his passing away. So we wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the tape in like 8-9 days during January and figured it would be dope as hell to release it on his actual birthday, Febuary 7th. Because its hard as hell to obtain rights and permission to actually use Dilla’s sounds, we figured it would be best to just keep this one in the vault, but it’s definitely my favorite KULTURE project to date. 

JB: Sick. I got an exclusive mixtape *chuckles.* So, what sparked the idea of "22 Tuesdays," where you release a new track every Tuesday?

Kulture: Not even gon' hold you up, lol. I got the idea from this cat based outta Atlanta named Russ. For a long time, he’s been dropping a track like, every week and a half or two, consistently for over a year now.  I thought that was revolutionary and wanted to try it out. Aaannndd here we are.


JB: Are you REALLY sitting on enough music to release a song every Tuesday?

Kulture: *Laughs out loud* now if I told them that, wouldn’t the element of surprise go out the window? Curiosity killed the cat, J Bow *chuckles*

JB: On the production side of things, what producers do you like to work with? I see you've been working with Ypsilanti's "DaG" recently on a few new joints…

Kulture: Yeah, that nigga DaG is ill as hell man. There’s literally what I call the DaG sound pumping through all his tracks and its pretty infectious. Besides that, Inkredibeatz, Zu, MylesAway, Jay Norm, and Che Lo are my go to’s.     


JB: What separates you from the other artists in The City that are releasing music right now?

Kulture: Content, content, CONTENT. I can make a song about bitches, money, and drugs, and they’ll be cool as hell. But why not go deeper? I’m tryna provide substance that’ll resonate with your kids’ kids. 

JB: What do you have planned for 2017? How's the year looking like thus far?

Kulture: Man I just wanna keep spreading the KULTURE and let y’all see what that looks like. for all the new in 2017. 


     Passion, drive, support and commitment to the craft. ALL essential components to success. Mark my words, this guy is going to blow. It’s very rare that this early on in the game, you find dudes that are really forming a team of solid music friends and collaborators. Names like Izzy Faye, Keith Walls, Midwest Rico, Raina Le’Shea, Alex Way and countless other quality artists will soon become household names because of the foundation they are helping KULTURE establish. The term “For The Culture” is loosely thrown around a lot nowadays, but this music and his movement are the real deal. Look forward to great things coming from Kulture and his camp. I HIGHLY suggest you add his music to your library. 

Go download The Flood now on Datpiff! For all of your Kulture needs, be sure to visit his Soundcloud as well as to stay hip on upcoming shows, new music and all of your KULTURE merchandise.

You’re welcome in advance.



Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.

-J Bow