"The Pre-Game" | "The Turn-Up" | "The Chill-Out": Vol. 1

April 1st is upon us and I know we've got plenty of people about do the absolute fool (pun intended) JUST because its the weekend. Well, I’m down with all that. Future’s new album, Drake’s latest effort and a few Rick Ross songs sprinkled here and there are already a given for your playlist. I’m showing you a few songs to add to that list of songs that will fit right in. Here’s a few tracks to get you out the house, through the turn up, and back home mellowed out SAFELY. Hope you enjoy the selections.

“The Pre-Game” --> Kendrick Lamar - “HUMBLE”

     Rule #1: Be Humble. Rule #2: Sit Down. Add a few of Big Sean’s “Lil’ Bitch” ad-libs in there and you’ve got “The Recipe” for a mild banger. K-Dot is back with his second song released in a week and he delivers right on time as always. Some artists have a sort of “6th sense” for when the rap game needs them. Well, Kendrick blessed the masses with this audio + visual of his new single which amassed over 1 million views is a little less than 5 hours after it’s release via Youtube. I don’t have to tell you much about the song because you’re already gonna rock with it. This song will definitely help you get out the door and onto whatever function you’re engaging in.

“The Turn Up” --> Bouier - “Runnin’ Numbers”

     I honestly wish I knew more about Bouier (BOO-YAY) other than the fact that he is a Detroit rap artist. But honestly I will say i am VERY impressed. Not that it’s a bad thing, but Detroit rappers have a particular sound that when heard by people you say to yourself “Yep, he’s from Detroit.” But Bouier is breaking sound barriers with this early March release of his latest effort. With insane wordplay combined with this infectious beat, if you aren’t listening to this with the “stank face” then you prolly don’t have it turned up loud enough. One of the best songs to come out of the city this year. Hit Bouier’s Soundcloud now to hear other great tracks. For now, listen below.

“The Chill Out” --> H.E.R - “Focus”

     Sundays are known for relaxation. This vibe SCREAMS the word. While you’re laying in bed regretting the amount of liquor you consumed the night before, take a load off and sober up to this amazing track. The slowed snares, calming bass hits, ladened with this particular sultry and soulful voice will make you wonder “Who is H.E.R?” I have known about this song for QUITE some time now and it never gets old. Sometimes the good tracks you have to bring back. This is one of them. Listen below. i KNOW you’ll enjoy.

     Well that’s it for me. I’m going to enjoy my weekend like the rest of you guys. Y’all be smooth and I’ll catch you next week with more good vibes. Be easy.


Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay LACED.


-J Bow