Health, Wealth & Vibe w/ ASDR

Close your eyes and imagine ‘90s New York lyricism meeting production skills reminiscent of DJ Premier mixed with The Alchemist and Harry Fraud... This rhythmic formation you’re envisioning is known as ASDR: a hip-hop duo comprised of Strick (@StrickHWV) on the lyrics and Tae (@Tae_ry7) on the beats. These Michigan natives are making a name for themselves while bringing back true lyricism and a vibe that is undeniable. Their movement, For The Culture, is a metaphorical beacon of light, so to speak. In a game saturated with every artist trying to sound like the next just to get a glimpse of fame, it’s refreshing to see two hungry individuals bringing the originality and lyrical creativity back to the art we all know and love. They are staying impressively consistent; dropping an array of music videos and vlog-style recordings documenting their inspiration.

Fresh off the release of their newest project, Health, Wealth, Vibe Vol. 1, they’re amassing a respectable buzz and loyal fanbase around their sound so I had to check out what the wave was all about. 

Strick & Tae caught in the middle of the vibe

Strick & Tae caught in the middle of the vibe

 With the first track being an intriguing voicemail introduction to the tape, immediately following is the second track titled “It’s All Good.” Tae shows his genius ear for sampling early on by lacing the production with a loop of Oliver Vargas’ song “Cafe,” (probably better known for being used in the song “Persian Rugs” by PartyNextDoor.) With the foundation laid, Strick laddens the track with passionate flow and conviction. You can feel the effort in his delivery infused with an East Coast hip-hop sound sprinkled in. Honestly, it’s hard to single out a few stand-out lines when he is consistent bar-for-bar throughout the whole song. The easiest way to summarize the song is DOPE.

Continuing through the tape, you’ll run into tracks like “Me Against The World,” where a slow-building beat provides solid ground for Strick the flex his lyrical muscles; attacking the track with tough bars like “If I was hurt in the winter, they’ll get some Timbs for me // But if I died tomorrow, would they get my kids for me?” or you run into concept tracks like “Visions” where Strick details his “vision” of a utopia where all of his friends are successful, cops only fucking with people who do something wrong, and his mom being alive again. This album gets DEEP, Man. With well thought out lyrics, precise delivery and impeccable production, you really feel like you’re apart of the project. The mixtape rounds off with arguably the best track on the tape titled “Strick Speaks 2.” Cleverly selecting a classic like Blackstar’s “Thieves In The Night,” Strick bodies a classic with 4:18 worth of lyrical onslaught. There are literally too many good lines to name only a few because the whole song is amazing. 

I truly haven’t felt this strongly about a project in awhile. There are people who rap to pass time or follow trends and then there are those that actually are preserving and progressing the culture. There are local artists out here that make you question WHY they don’t have a deal yet. ASDR Music is a stand-out act with an old-school sound that is ahead of its time in this current generation.True lyricism is supported and respected, and I stand behind their movement with full belief in their talent and vision. When purpose and passion meet pen and paper, the outcome is undeniable quality that stands tall and strong. This is For The Culture. It took a compilation of 10 tracks for ASDR to gain a new fan. I’m sure it will take you guys way less. These guys are going places without a doubt.

Make sure you stay tuned to the come-up! With new content being released almost weekly, you want to make sure you follow Strick with the rhymes (@StrickHWV) & catch the cook-up on the beats with Tae (@Tae_ry7). Support the movement! ALL music available for purchase on Apple Music, Google Play & Spinrilla.  


Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.


-J Bow