Midwest Rico: Music For "Everybody"

     The message of “quality over quantity” is often preached but rarely practiced. For as long as you can remember, artists have been releasing project after project, unknowingly oversaturating their would-be fanbase with content that constantly falls short. Sometimes it can be those few QUALITY tracks that speak more volume than an abundance of nonsense. Such is the case when it comes to Detroit-based artist, Rico Lavelle, better known as Midwest Rico (@midwestrico). The BMB Records recording artist flew onto my radar when a close friend/fraternity brother told me about him. To my surprise it looks like I'm late to the party; seeing as Rico has already amassed a 35,000 person following on his social media. Time for me to get hip.

Effortless styles.

Effortless styles.

     The first single that attracted my attention was a song Mr. Midwest released one year ago, titled “Everybody.” I’m not sure if Rico would describe himself as a rapper or a singer, but he’s impressively skilled in both. Equipped with impeccable delivery and positivity, it’s REALLY hard not to like a song where the chorus gleefully sings “We bout to have us a party, call everybody! // B-Y-O-B now there’s bottles for everybody! // No VIP, we gon’ party wit’ everybody! // Can’t wait to see everybody love everybody!”. Not to mention, while DJ/Producer Press Clay (@djclay_) did an amazing job constructing a summer smash hit, Rico also did well fluidly translating his blatant message of peace and positivity in a city at times known for its bravado and harshness. All in all, when lyricism and delivery mesh with great production harmonious crooning, you have a song that still creates an atmosphere of enjoyment even a year after its release. If you don’t believe me, take a moment and check the track below. It’s also available on Apple Music.

     Far from being a one-hit wonder, Rico is back and building a solid radio buzz with his brand-new single, “Stereotypical Groupie.” Though the message in this new song differs from his above mentioned single, the feel is still the same. Possessed with an R&B bounce and Rico’s harmonious ad-libs, the vibe of piano chords and horns decorating the beat, again, set the scene for another summer takeover. Some songs just FEEL good, and this is one of them. It’s the type of song you can create an imagine of a party environment where “Every girl wants what she can’t have...” and “shots of the liquor turn her into someone else...” as Rico so truthfully puts it. Honestly, this is just a good song-- far from the “mumble rap” and effortless driveling nonsense that has infiltrated our modern day music. For good vibes, check the song out below. again, this one is available on Apple Music as well.

     I don’t just support Michigan music HEAVILY just because it’s a representation of where we’re all from. I support music with a message; positive vibes that intend to promote a good time. Good vibes and lasting memories can be made while listening to music like Midwest Rico’s. To me, music is the universal “icebreaker” for people, and this wave he’s riding is guaranteed to spark a few new connections. Keep it up, Rico... the Midwest is proud of you.


Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.

-J Bow