Philup Banks: Fatherin' The Game

     Swagger and confidence are two key components that one might need if they want to pursue a career as a recording artist. I mean, if you don’t believe your lyrics, who will? Well, one artist who possesses both is someone the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area is familiar with. He goes by the name Philup Banks (@philupbanks) or just Banks. Though a far cry from from the late-great father of Will Smith in the popular sitcom, Fresh Prince, Banks’ lyrical presence demands the same respect you’d give your elders. Banks has been on the scene for awhile now but to see the growth in him as an artist recently is astounding. With his growing musical popularity, his own clothing brand, Champagne Only, as well as an amplifying fan base, it’s about time I catch the wave. let’s see what you’ve got, Pops...

Curve Gotti.

Curve Gotti.

     One song is his vast catalog of music that caught my attention-- and apparently the attention of others around the globe-- is arguably Banks’ most popular song, “Kylie Rihanna.” If name-dropping two of the most popular celebrity figures right now as a song title doesn't spark your curiosity, once you press play, you’ll hear why the song has amassed almost 20,000 listens and multiple shares on Soundcloud. Produced by Bricks On The Beat, the song possesses everything needed to be a smash single for the radio or clubs. Hard-hitting bass, crashing cymbals, snare drums and braggadocious lyrics all work together to make you believe you, too, can “have a white girl like Kylie and a black girl like Rihanna,” as the chorus states. This song is perfect for any party or function you plan on having. But don’t take my word for it, check out the single below!

     Another track that caught my attention was a collaborative effort with Ypsilanti producer,  DaG (@glennmasta), titled “Moët Music.” If this doesn't feel like the song to celebrate and pop bottles to, I’m not sure what does. This song not only provides a glimpse of the production side of Banks’, but also showcases more of the talent the local area has to offer with the stylistic sounds of Producer/DJ, DaG. Using a sample of what sounds like a 90s RnB joint (I can’t pinpoint the sample and it’s killing me), DaG & Banks successfully flip the snippet into something you can toast to; boasting lyrics like “I’m ahead of the curve, peddling words //  that I once said on the curb // flexin’ on nerds, lookin’ like I’m sellin’ them birds // young nigga chasin’ paper, little heaven emerge.” He continued to ride the beat throughout the duality of the song (because halfway through, the beat changes,) and carries himself with the swagger and finesse that he’s seemingly trademarked for. Check out exactly what i’m talkin’ about BELOW.

     At only 25, most rappers have long since given up their dreams of making it in the industry, but with drive and talent that Banks possesses, it’s no wonder he’s seen such a growth in popularity. You can tell the work he puts in and the pride he carries in his delivery-- each bar brimming with confidence. Having performed with the likes of Lil’ Uzi Vert, 24 Hrs, and Smoke DZA, Philup Banks is slowly but surely paving his way to becoming a household name-- no pun intended. To stay up to date with where he’s at next, you can check out his website,, where you can find booking & contact info, as well as a link to catch yourself up on all the music I didn't mention. Great things lie ahead for Banks, so let’s raise our glasses and toast to the good life... Champagne Only, though.


Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.

-J Bow