Meet " lee. ": R&B Vibes from Nashville

     Okay so let’s set the scene: It’s 2:19 AM in Nashville, Tennessee. He’s in the studio at some remote location. It’s already been a long day which looks like it’s turning into an even longer nigh,. engineer plays the beat, lee. (@lee.luccie) checks his vocals, sings his song, and we end up with this marvelous R&B song called “Make Me Forget.” This heart-wrenching and emotional track draws you in with it’s attractive Hi-Hats and drum kicks oddly redolent of PartyNextDoor’s “Come And See Me.” Nevertheless, it exposes you to an array of emotions. Penning lines from the beginning like “I’m scrolling’ down my contact list / Tryna figure out which girl ima fuck wit’” and “...Gotta make sure she can make me forget // every bitch I was ever in love with,” all you need is to add a fifth of Bombay Gin and suddenly you’re drowning in an alcohol-induced sea of feelings. Overall, this song is filled with amazing R&B runs and incredible vocal range stretches that give you chills. Don’t believe me? Check the song out BELOW!

     Turn the volume up and shut the door. And if you have neighbors, make sure you apologize in advance. Another soulful effort by the Tennessee artist is DWYT (Do What You’re Told).” Soft piano chords and bellowing bass accompany supporting lyrics telling your significant other to do as you say in intimate moments. For anyone looking for a song to add to THAT playlist, has certainly found a hit. Passion, playful aggression, and “no-strings-attached” sexual soirees tend to be the trend nowadays, so anyone looking to set the mood tonight, check out the single below. You won’t regret it.

     Living in a world where R&B has all been shaken up in the snow globe of other genres, it’s hard to pinpoint a TRUE R&B artist who is make hits and rides their own wave. lee. is breathing life into a genre of music that has been infused with rap and lost touch with his its roots. And for that, we’re internally grateful. Keep making’ hits, Homie. We’re listening.


Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.

-J Bow