SoundCloud Saturdays Vol. 5: Astral Ambience

     Welcome, Everybody! Appreciate you all for tagging along on this journey of astronomical sound. Music can take you on a journey, both sonically and emotionally, and that is how this weeks playlist came to fruition. I hear so much music everyday -- Electronic, Future Beats, Rap, Pop, Top 40, et cetera, et cetera... I'm here to jam them all into one solid ass playlist that will be your harmonious guide through the stratosphere...

     Okay, quite honestly, I've just got some REALLY dope ass music and I'm hype as hell for y'all to hear. If it's old to you, then I'm glad we ride the same wave. If it's new to you, welcome aboard. Glad to have you all here for the ride. 


Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.

-J Bow