OJ The King: A New Wave in R&B

     Michigan has done it once again! I keep trying to tell you guys, the talent this state has to offer is endless. Hailing from Saginaw, Michigan, a city of nearly 50,000 people, OJ The King (@OJTheKing) has managed to stand out with his smooth voice and futuristic sound. I got hip to the homie’s wave through a friend and I'm happy his music graced my ears because this music needs to be heard. The self-proclaimed “Booty Rub Champion” already has an impressive resume of musical material under his belt, with each single progressively becoming more intriguing than the last.

Nothing beats a man in a suit.

Nothing beats a man in a suit.

     The most recent release from OJ is “Broken Promises,” where he takes his own stab at a tricked-out remix to Janet Jackson’s “I Get So Lonely.” Who doesn’t love Janet Jackson, right? This song penetrate your eardrums with an airy and chopped-up sampling of the song’s chorus serving as the opening, followed by OJ providing guaranteed vibes after the 16-bar introduction. With the tone set, he then begin to bellow heart-felt lyrics like “You’re the only one I’m thinkin’ of, stay on my mind... // I don’t even want nobody else, can’t waste my time... // I been on a search for love and it’s just too hard to find // You should just -- hit me up, it’s been rough, miss ya touch, baby girl, I swear I'll ride for you...” The outpouring of emotion continues throughout the song as we discover that OJ is trying to win back his lost love. I mean, if God gives second chances, why can’t we? OJ spills his soul into this mellow banger that has amassed a notable 30,000+ plays on his Soundcloud page. Do yourself a favor and take a listen to the track below. You won’t regret it.

     Combing through his collection of song, you then run into another impressive cut with “Night Cap” where, through another R&B sampled selection, OJ takes a different approach and decided to show his versatility by flexing his lyrical skills and attacks the beat with rap. Still maintaining his smooth composure, he boasts lyrics like “Why don’t you stay the night? I could change ya life // I got massage oils, I could rub you down, let me make it right” and “I love playin’ in yo garden, watchin’ yo flower blossom //. And Ima make sure that it’s watered... properly, girl I gotcha.” Certainly we’ve gotten the gist of the song from this point, but with R. Kelly’s “Tempo Slow” serving as the chorus, it only further solidifies what 40,000+ listeners already know: A successful “Night Cap” begins with this here. Check it out now!

     Far from being a one-dimensional artist, OJ also has offerings that could be thrown into a party mix. Though the song was released more than 2 years ago, “Uncle Luke” is an amazing party-starter anthem that encouraged ladies to “Shake it like an Uncle Luke video.” All those familiar with Luther Campbell, the once 2 Live Crew member, you’ll remember his energy and presence he brought to that era of music and get those same remnant and nostalgic feelings with this effort here. With all the signs of a radio-ready hit (the “club bounce” feel and the Travis Porter-esque clap cadence,) if you don’t feel like dancing when this joint is thrown on, you’re just not human. Listen below and get the party started!

     Versatility is important. No one likes the same old thing over and over, and with OJ The King bringing a necessary sound to today’s music, he’s pushing the envelope further and advancing the culture with his skills of singing, songwriting, and rapping here and there. All elements tie back into an artist with an amazing sound, as well as a vibe that the world is catching onto. From our home state to yours, we’re happy that the sounds of “The Mitten” have touchdown in your town. Keep the hits coming, Homie. We’re waiting.

Stay True. Stay Fresh. Stay Laced.

-J Bow